Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thanks hubby for the Kindle you got me for my Birthday!!

Although the Kindle is not a book itself, it of course still belongs on my blog! My husband bought me the Kindle for my birthday and I am very excited now that I have been reading with it for a few days.  I admit I was very nervous about reading from an electronic reader. I become very attached to books; the feel, the smell, and eventually each one  finding its home of the shelf in the study as I finish with each "friend". Would I be able to connect to an electronic device the way I emotionally connect to a physical book?  My answer for you is... maybe.  Although it is the very beginning stages of my relationship to my Kindle, we are bonding.  The verdict is still out if I will be AS emotionally connected, but I think it is better here to list my immediately likes of the Kindle.

I greatly enjoy being able to read multiple books at the same time. Not that you can't do this if you are in your reading chair at home with the stack of hopeful friends by your side. But if you are going to the pool, beach, riding in the car, or going to the Cayman Islands for July :) then the Kindle is absolutely awesome!  You can load the thing up with as many novels as you like and bring them all along. The extra weight is no longer an issue. You don't have to make the difficult decision of which to bring and which to leave behind.

The page turning device is also great. You can turn the page with either right or left thumb. So any position you choose to lay in or prop up your elbow you can easily turn the page. I have the 6 inch screen and find it to be plenty big. You can adjust the size of the text to even make it so there is more text per page thus making turning less frequent.

Searching for new books is easy with the Kindle always being connected to the internet for free. It is linked to your amazon account, so already it has my wish list of books and recommendations from amazon. You can also search on the computer through amazon and quickly send anything to your kindle instantaneously.  The list of free books is also pretty amazing! All the classics, and Jane Austen for free.

When you navigate back the home screen to flip to a different book to read it remembers what page you were last on and brings you to that page right when you come back.  The kindle also reads PDFs so documents on the internet or books you can find on websites for free you can just click and drop them onto the Kindle. Pretty awesome.

Three weeks left at school, and then I will bond with my kindle all summer long. :)

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