Monday, December 5, 2011

Darcy's Passions by Regina Jeffers

Let me start with this is one of my favorite, if not the best Darcy perspectives I have read.  I often do not enjoy Darcy perspectives because I often cannot stand the Darcy personas that are created by the writers. For me the Darcy side can be boring or torturous as most of the novel is him fighting against his feelings for Elizabeth. I hate reading this part, it makes me so angry at Darcy; I just want to get to the lovey dovey ending. :)

However, Darcy's Passions follows Austen's Pride and Prejudice so beautifully I felt like I was re-discovering it again for the first time.  All the pieces were fit together so perfectly, as well as the characters being true to form. Nothing crazy happened to the characters I love so much; they were kept just as they always should be.  Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam play a key role in bringing about Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship and the reader gets a priceless inside look at this. I loved how parts of the story once hidden from the reader by Austen, Jeffers takes the liberty of allowing Darcy to progress the story, such as  having Darcy encourage Bingley to have Elizabeth stay at Netherfield for his own selfish reasons... of course it was to help Jane too. ;)

The novel continues through the double wedding and then follows Darcy and Elizabeth back to their home at Pemberley. I was all smiles as I got to read some of the happily ever after!  There was conflict, drama, disaster, humor, love, and a baby... perfect. I enjoyed reading from the first page to the very last. If someone is looking for their first Pride and Prejudice sequel, retelling, or Darcy perspective this is an awesome place to start. I loved it and it will be placed in the re-read pile for sure.

Also, Regina Jeffers Vampire Darcy's Desire is still probably my favorite supernatural twist to Pride and Prejudice... even better than the zombies. :)  I encourage all Austen addicts to check this one out too!


  1. Thank you for the kind words, Erlynn. They were an early Christmas present. You might also enjoy Darcy's Temptation. It starts the day after this one ends.

  2. This was a great example of Darcy POV and one of my fav reads too. Thanks for posting the review!

  3. I loved this book as well. Not only does it stay true to the original story it is also easier to read. Regina does a fantastic job of bringing Jane Austen's story to the modern reader. I found I love Darcy, Fitzwilliam, and Wentworth even more now. I have given some of these books to my youngest daughter for her English Literature glass. It really did help her. Vampire Darcy is also a favorite of mine. No sparkles and plenty of action make this Darcy a must read.

  4. Congratulations, Regina, on the well-deserved review.