Monday, January 2, 2012

A Darcy Christmas by Carolyn Eberhart, Amanda Grange, and Sharon Lathan

This three story compilation is a fantastic Christmas read. This year it was my Christmas Eve read and I took it down in one day it was so good.

The first story Mr. Darcy's Christmas Carol by Carolyn Eberhart is a cute take on Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Mr. Darcy is visited by three spirits eerily similar to his father, mother, and Lady Catherine. By seeing the events of the past, present, and future Darcy comes to realize he must be with Elizabeth Bennett.

The second story Christmas Present by Amanda Grange has Elizabeth and Darcy going to visit the Bingley's to celebrate the birth of their first child, when Elizabeth herself is expecting. More of the family including Lady Catherine end up at the Bingley's home and it turns into a crazy family holiday.

The third story A Darcy Christmas by Sharon Lathan is a look through the Darcy's relationship over the length of their lifetime. Each chapter is a different point in their lives and gives a glimpse at the joys and pain the pair faced together.

I greatly enjoyed Sharon Lathan's story, and she is my favorite of the three authors.  Her story had connections to her Darcy Saga Series that I love so much. However, although all three stories were very good, I believe my favorite was the first because it was the most unique and creative.

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  1. I didn't realize this has a P&P/Christmas Carol variation! I guess I haven't been paying attention. Lol! I'm going to have to pick this up for next year! Thanks!