Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

My good friend Natalie wanted to go see The Lucky One at the movies and I agreed, but of course I first had to read the book.  I was a big fan in high school of The Notebook and  A Walk to Remember and I even enjoyed these movies. However, after these two I never could get into Nicholas Sparks' other novels. I really couldn't tell you what turned me off. I don't think he can really be labeled as a formula writer as many say he is, because his plot lines although always romantic with a certain twist, are always so different.  I have thought about it a bit and cannot really pinpoint what it is about his later books that don't interest me as much. I think maybe my best guess is that I have grown into a different reader than I was in high school. More recently I really enjoyed The Last Song movie so I was ready to give another one of his novels another try. I took down The Lucky One in one Saturday to prepare for the movie on Sunday. :)

Logan Thibault is a marine just returning from deployment. While at war, Logan found a picture of Elizabeth Green.  Despite attempts at finding its owner, Logan keeps the picture and over time it seems to possess the power of keeping Logan alive.  Where those around him continually died, Logan is magically saved.  Once back on US soil, Logan takes the advice of a friend and sets off on foot across the country to find the girl that brought him so much luck and thank her.

When Logan finds Elizabeth, a single mom living in North Carolina, he is unable to find the words to tell her the truth. Instead he takes on the job of helping out Elizabeth and her grandmother take care of the family business of a dog kennel.  Although he is quiet, reserved, and mysterious, Elizabeth falls in love with Logan knowing he has a secret.  Fighting off her sleazy and manipulative ex-husband, they find a way to continue their relationship until Elizabeth is presented with the truth of Logan's picture. Angered and hurt Elizabeth sends Logan away feeling confused and broken-hearted. With a tragic ending, Elizabeth comes to understand the truth about Logan, the picture, and her future.

I wasn't super impressed by the book, but it was decent. Logan was a great character with a lot of depth and inner struggle.  The love story although sweet did not pull at my heart string the way The Notebook or A Walk to Remember did and I am always seeking to find that same passion that I enjoyed so much by these earlier novels. I was left wishing it had been better.

After seeing the movie I was even more depressed. Although Zack Efron is quite the hottie, the movie took great liberties with the plot. Naturally things would have to be changed and shortened from the book, but some parts of the novel such as Keith Clayton the ex-husband, and the ending were very different.  At first I wanted to blame the actors for such a poor performance, but then I realized it was just bad screen writing. Some lines were so awkward it was laughable.   In the end Zack Efron's nice physique and hot scruff couldn't save the movie for me... too bad.


  1. I wanted to see this. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD.

  2. Yeah, sorry... for me I wished I had waited for the Netflix.