Friday, August 9, 2013

Only A Heartbeat Away by P.O. Dixon

I love Lizzy and Darcy, and I love what Dixon continually does to my beloved characters in her books.

This Pride and Prejudice what-if adaptation has an interesting twist. Elizabeth has a sprained ankle and is unable to meet Darcy at the Meryton Assembly. After seeing the awful Bennett display, Darcy advises Bingley on caution and then leaves Meryton, never to insult Elizabeth and later dance with her at the Netherfield ball!  It seems a hopeless business. :) However never having met Fitzwilliam,  Elizabeth does already have an acquaintance with Georgiana, as she met her strolling the grounds of Pemberley on a previous tour of the grounds with the Gardiners.  Corresponding through letters with Miss Darcy, the pair become good friends.  When Elizabeth goes to London with the Gardiners, she spends time with Georgiana and is soon thrown into the path of other rich men... including the handsome Mr. Darcy.

I love how PO Dixon keeps true to the characters we love while changing the story enough to enjoy a new romantic tale. As I was reading I thought everything was going to end so perfect no misunderstandings, no poor first impressions. She removed all obstacle... what could go wrong? Have no fear PO Dixon doesn't change our characters; they will behave true to form and provide enough wit, condescension, and angst for us all! What a mess they make of it.

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  1. I really like this story and enjoyed the premise. As a fan of Pam's, I've come to expect well written books and I wasn't let down with this novella. I love how she weaves her stories while keeping Elizabeth and Daddy's characters true to form. I look forward to what she will deliver in the future!!